Alexis is an artist.

Alexis is a mother of three.

Alexis is a business woman.

Alexis is influenced by folk art.

Alexis is above average height.

Alexis is obsessed with primary colors.

Alexis is aware this is a problem.

Alexis is a hairdresser for hire in Beverly Hills.

Alexis is influenced by Butoh.

Alexis is a Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholar.

Alexis is aware this may mean little to you.

Alexis is an advocate for the bereaved.

Alexis is influenced by Native Art (Alaska).

Alexis is a mentor to families after a child dies.

Alexis is the one you call when you don’t know what to say or what action to take.

Alexis is good at taking critique.

Alexis is influenced by woodcarvers.

Alexis is an adventurous eater.

Alexis is an independent researcher at the Getty Research Institute.

Alexis is from Alaska, born and raised.

Alexis is eager to be a funded grad student.

Alexis is influenced by Pina Bausch.

Alexis is active on social media.

Alexis is available to speak on your panel.

Alexis is not afraid to start over.

Alexis is influenced by printmakers.

Alexis is a freckled creature.

Alexis knows how to clean a fish.

Alexis knows how to work with octopus ink.

Alexis knows what it is like to choose a casket for a child.

Alexis knows she does not have an MFA.

Alexis knows this is a problem.

Alexis knows life in bereavement.

Alexis knows there is a difference between a toilet and a “flush toilet”.

Alexis knows how to dance, but doesn’t typically.

Alexis knows Bs in college were a mistake.

Alexis knows how to do extensions, color hair purple, and cut a Vidal Sassoon FivePoint.

Alexis knows her work is seen as “mundane”.

Alexis knows Alice Neel was told the same thing.

Alexis knows she is an artist.  

Alexis has two daughters (alive).

Alexis has one son (dead).

Alexis has been told if she was a man making the same work, she would have gotten funding.

Alexis has laundry to fold.

Alexis has a practice of Openness in Grief.

Alexis has four adopted hens.

Alexis has a studio in her garage.

Alexis has a “proven pelvis”.

Alexis has to diversify her practice.

Alexis has a lazy eye.

Alexis has a bronze cast of her dead son’s hand.

Alexis has caught salmon with her own hands.

Alexis has a grandfather who trained at the Slade School in London during World War I.

Alexis has wrinkles like her father.

Alexis has eaten caribou meat in the last 5 days.

Alexis has Grit and Grace.

Alexis draws everyday.

Alexis studied dance for 15 years.

Alexis successfully caved through the largest known cave in the world, Son Doong, Vietnam.

Alexis spent 10 years as the mentee of Alaskan folk Artist, Diana TIllion.

Alexis studied her pedagogy.

Alexis briefly lived in a bubble as a child.

Alexis wears little to no makeup.

Alexis tends to smile more than most people.

Alexis might smile less than she used to.

Alexis loves Arctic light, but Alexis is allergic to the cold.

Alexis is worth meeting.

Alexis lives and works in Los Angeles.

Alexis is an artist.

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